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The belief that you can have a meaningful career is the first step to finding one.

Stream Selection Counselling (Grade 8-10)

When student enters from early childhood to middle childhood, it is very essential for the student to be familiar with his curiosity and interest. Which set of subjects explores the creativeness of the student which lies within? Career Scouts International provides methodical assistance to the students so that their efforts become highly productive in very future.

Planning in Career Selection. (Grade 10-12)

In General student of Grade 11 studies the subjects of a specific domain i.e. Science, Commerce, Arts and so and so forth. Even from those subjects, one has to find out the knowledge of the subject which will become the decidable factor in earning the respect and money in the very future. Career Scouts International will bring in front of you all the career opportunities of various Streams by giving you the set of references with the purpose of giving clarity in the subconscious of adolescence.

Career Development (UG & PG Students)

After getting knowledge of a specific domain, there are ‘n’ numbers of opportunities for a student. One arts graduate can become an IAS Officer and rule the district while the other one gets no benefit from it. So, it is entirely the game of Career Guidance and counseling .If you get the right guidance at right time then all your efforts will become fruitful. CSI (Career Scouts International) will help you to look at the big picture.

Personality Development

The real meaning of personality development is to enhance self-esteem, improving social skills and developing potential. In a larger social sense, the definition or meaning of personality development includes the sum total of human happiness by fostering self-awareness and self-esteem, by developing talents, by facilitation. This is achieved through social and professional interaction and by contributing to the expression and realization of hopes, wishes and ambitions.CSI literally feels that the work ethics and personality plays greater role than academic knowledge.

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Career Scouts International always encourage the innovative minds to explore new ideas so that wide range of students can take benefit from it.

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