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August 2, 2019
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August 2, 2019
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You deserve a better guy than me

I am 20-year-old-girl and love a boy who is one year elder to me. We are from the same college but different sections. But when I approached him he said that he likes me a lot but doesn’t love me and that he is into his music and won’t be able to give me time if he dated me. He said, “It’s not that you don’t look good or anything, it’s only that I don’t deserve a girl like you, you really look pretty and you deserve a better guy than me.” What should I do? I truly love him and want to marry him but he is not ready to think that he is the best guy for me. Please help me.

The boy whom you “love” and “want to marry” has been very honest and frank with you by telling that he likes you but doesn’t love you. This means that he just wants to be a good friend to you and nothing more. Besides he is busy with his music and would be unable to give you time if he dates you. He went to the extent of telling that “you deserve a better guy than me”. The best thing you can do is to respect his feelings because you cannot force your feelings on others. If you insist on proposing your love to him he may get upset and stop dealing with you even as a friend. Concentrate on your studies and family; he will notice that you respect his feelings and are a responsible person. This is enough for the time being. The future is in the hands of God.


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