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November 9, 2018
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Worrisome mom

My mother is always telling me that she is going to die. How can I relieve her of this fear? She is also complaining that the money my father gives to her is not sufficient for her to live properly. How can I help her?

One way to tell your mother is to reassure her that you are all with her and that she need not worry about anything. A person dies only when the time to die comes. Worrying about death and fearing it would only make her feel miserable. A coward dies a thousand deaths while a brave person dies just once. Tell her these and make her face death bravely. Also just check what is it about death that she is so scared about. Once she faces her fears clearly and in a descriptive way, her fears will reduce considerably.

As for her relationship with your father she has to handle it entirely on her own. You cannot take up sides. Help her to take courage in her hands and ask her husband to give her more money, etc. It is for help to do this and I think you must help her to face her husband and her problems with him without fear and worry.


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