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July 10, 2019
I have a great passion for flying and I want to become an airline pilot.
July 11, 2019
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Will he break my heart again?

I am in Std XI and in love with a boy from my previous school. We are in a relationship since five months. We don’t get a chance to meet often so after five months he proposed to a girl in his class and broke up with me. The girl rejected his proposal and he came back to me. And now we are again in relationship. But I’m confused as to whether he loves me or not or whether he will break on my heart again. Should I be with him or should I move on?

That boy gets easily infatuated with girls and proposes himself to some of them. He is immature and selfish. Now “he came back” to you and the relationship is going on. There is no guarantee that in future he may not repeat his mistakes. At this point you can continue this relationship at your own risk. Give him a good example of love and care and give him a chance. If he fails again, let him go and move on.


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