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What is the career in social media manager?

From the moment we open our eyes to the time we fall asleep, we are constantly checking or updating information on social media. But there’s more to social media than taking selfies and creating snappy posts.

Social media has opened up newer avenues in marketing. It has immense potential because it allows companies to directly connect with their users or potential customers and understand their likes and dislikes.

How it works

Social media managers need to be constantly on their toes. They need to know everything that is happening across platforms, follow trends and news stories from around the world and see how they can tweak them to their client’s needs, almost immediately.

Well-versed with different social networking platforms used by their target audience, social media managers come up with strategies designed to suit their brand promotions on these platforms. These strategies differ from platform to platform

For instance, during the lockdown on account of the COMID-19 pandemic many brands held live interviews with celebrities on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Getting started

  • Handle low profile pages: Beginners usually start by handling social media pages for their school or college
  • Promote your school/college fest: On different platforms such as Facebook Twitter Instagram, etc. Come up with engaging online contests from time to time and create a campaign that will help you get hits.
  • Freelance work: You can start your carter in social media marketing Sites such as Upwork and Freelancer will help you land a freelance project to experiment a little.
  • Agencies With some experience under your belt you could choose to work in an agency handling digital marketing for multiple brands or work with a particular brand or business 
  • Specialisation: You may choose from areas such as search engine optimisation pay-per dick, web design etc.

What to study

** Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai: PG diploma in Digital Marketing.

Courses in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management are offered by many institutes. It teaches you about platforms, analytics, and essentials of framing campaign strategies.



** Xavier’s Institute of Communication, Mumbai: Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Digital Marketing.

** Indian School of Business, Hyderabad: Diploma in Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategies.


** South New Hampshire University, the US: MBA in Social Media

** Barcelona Graduate school of Management MBA in Marketing in the Digital Era

** Concordia University, the US: MBA with a Certificate in Digital Marketing

** Excelsior College, the US: MBA with specialisation in Social Media Management.

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