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What is the career in photography?

With the boom in advertising, media and fashion industry, photography, from a mere hobby, is emerging as a lucrative career choice. Travel and travel documentary photography is one of the most thrilling forms of photography. It offers a chance to travel to less-known places, meet indigenous people, and document their historical and cultural significance.

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 To begin with, you must pick a niche or an area of interest. However, if your interest is not commercially viable, you may have to take an other assignments to pay the bills. Most travel photographers like to strike a balance between assignments that align with their interests and those that are financially lucrative. Once your networks are in place and you ave developed a name for yourself, you may find it necessary to work on assignments that do not interest you.

What are the job prospects?

Careers in photography branch out in different directions. Travel and travel documentary photography hold a plethora of opportunities, as people are interested in travel, especially to less-explored places. This particular branch of photography is similar to photo journalism and focusses on telling stories through images.

Travel magazines, channels and photo-sharing websites recruit travel photographers on a freelance or full-time basis. Most photographers prefer to work as freelancers so that they can take or multiple assignments.

Travel photographers can also freelance for resorts and government tourism departments.

While the world has come to a halt currently because of the coronavirus pandemic, the interest in travel and photography is expected to revive after normalcy returns.

What to study?

One doesn’t need a specific degree to work as a photographer. However, many photography schools in India and abroad offer short-term courses and diplomas in different areas of photography.


  • Uddan School of Photography in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata: One-year and two-year diploma programmes in Commercial Photography.
  • Light and Life Academy in Udhagamandalam Tamil Nadu: Diploma in Travel and Nature Photography.
  • Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, Delhi: Foundation in Photography (two months) and PG Diploma in Professional Photography (16 months).


  • New York Institute of Photography, the U.S.: Online courses – The Complete Course in Professional Photography, Digital Photography: Photoshop for Photographers, Marketing for Photographers, and the Video Making and Storytelling and The Fundamentals of Digital Photography.
  • Goldsmiths University, the U.K.: Master of Arts (M.A.) Photography and Urban Cultures; and M.A. Photography: The Image and Electronic Arts.
  • Speos International Photo School, Paris and London: Courses in Studio Photography and CGI, Sports photography, Photojournalism, and Fashion Photography.

Required skills

  • Passion for photography
  • Knowledge of cameras and angles
  • Creativity of come up with different camera angles and photo ideas
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to tell a story through the photos
  • Patience to wait for the perfect shot
  • Stamina to cope with hectic schedules, travel to remote places and long days
  • Familiarity with digital editing tools
  • Interpersonal and marketing skills
  • Editing skills


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