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What is cross-dominance?

Most of us are either right or left-handed. But some people may write with their left hand and throw a ball with their right hand. Such a mixed preference for different activities is called cross dominance.

Well, just like we show natural preference to either of the two hands (exceptions being ambidextrous people), our ears, eyes and feet also have one dominant part. The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and is more dominant in right-handed persons and vice versa. Normally, therefore, a right-handed person would be right-footed, right-eyed and so on. But some right-handed persons may have a more dominant left foot or left eye. This is called mixed laterality and such persons also show traits of cross-dominance.

Hand-eye cross-dominance can be quite problematic for sportspersons especially shooters and athletes.

More than 20% people have some cross-dominance or the other and it can be overcome by training oneself to use the non-dominant part more often.

Many well-known people are cross-dominant. Sachin Tendulkar bats, bowls and throws with his right hand but writes with his left. Rafael Nadal plays tennis with his left-hand but uses his right hand to throw and write. The foot you use normally to kick the ball is your dominant foot.

The ear you naturally turn toward a soft sound is your dominant ear.

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