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August 12, 2019
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August 12, 2019
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We became like brother and sister

A year ago, I met a girl who is elder to me and we became like brother and sister. Lately I thought I started loving her. But actually I was just missing her because I hadn’t spoken to her for a couple of months. But I realized this later. Before this I told a mutual friend that I loved that girl. And this friend told her that “your brother has now started loving you”! Today she is very angry and I don’t know what to do now. She is very close to my heart and I don’t want to lose her. But I made the mistake of confusing missing her for love. How can I regain her trust?

The relationship between brother and sister is a form of pure love. That’s what you felt towards that girl at the beginning. Lately you thought that a change had taken place in your heart and told that to a mutual friend who immediately told this matter to that girl. Your change of attitude and the fact that you revealed it to one of your friends has upset her and now she is very angry. As you made a mistake you should ask her for pardon, promising that it will not be repeated. It is up to her to forgive you or not. If she decides not to forgive, you will lose her. Learn the lesson and do not repeat the same mistake.


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