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July 8, 2019
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July 9, 2019
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Too shy to talk to each other

I am 14 and I love a boy in my tuition class. He loves me too but we both are too shy to even talk to each other. We used to be really good friends but when we confessed our love to each other our friendship also lessened. What should I do?

At the age of 14 the “love” you felt for each other is the love of friendship: a joyful and free gift of self that helps your growth in relationships. This is one of the most beautiful experiences in human life and you should not feel shy to talk to each other. In the years to come you will experience other forms of love which will require knowledge and experience which now you do not have. Go on expressing friendship with care and affection not only each other but also towards other young people of your age around you.


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