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July 5, 2019
My parents’ dream of seeing me as a doctor
July 6, 2019
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They want me to live according to their wishes

I’m a normal teenager who wishes for a normal life. My problem is my parents want me to live according to their wishes. They never want to know about my dreams. They just want my safety to the point where they enrolled me in a girl’s college with subjects that I don’t want. I get that they are my parents and want my safety; but what kind of parents want their children to do what they want? They never lived like that but why do they put such pressure on me? I feel like running away from everything and living a life by myself for which I don’t have the courage. What can I do?

Seems like you are feeling very stifled by your parents’ over-protectiveness and disregard for your dreams. Looks like you don’t enjoy open communication with them.

You’re adult now, and it would help you if you took a more practical stand. First, take a good look at yourself. Are you clear about what you really want? Are your dreams practical and conventional, or will you be breaking out in a new direction? Also is safety the only reason they have put you in a girl’s college?

Then, take the initiative to meet with your parents. Ask them to help you understand why they have done what they have, and hear them out without judging. Be open to the idea that they may have a better understanding of you than you realize, and what you may be doing right now might turn out to be rocking future for you!

If you’re not convinced, then calmly explain that you do have your own hopes and dreams. Explain your future plans to them in detail keeping in mind your own safety. Ask for their support. You might just be surprised.


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