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October 30, 2019
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They don’t have time for me at all

My parents are over-protective. This has affected me so badly that my confidence to deal with society has not developed at all. I am not able to mix in society. Also my dad has a bad habit of drinking. This frequently results in fights with my mom. They both quarrel so much that I don’t remember them ever sitting near me and talking a few kind words with me. They don’t have time for me at all. This has affected me and I have had to drop out from college. I have no urge to study. Please help me.

Your letter makes for painful reading. An alcoholic father is a terrible burden on the family. Your mother is the first to bear the consequences of an abusive and drunken husband and this affects her relationship with you. You feel helpless and lonely in a moment when you need the support and love of your parents in order to concentrate on your studies and plan your future. The consequence for you is “depression” and loss of interest in your studies. The only hope is that someone whom your father respects may get involved in this situation and help him come out of the alcohol addiction. This person could be a religious leader, an elder in the community or a close relation. If you know any such person, talk to him of your family problem (maybe along with your mother) and try to get help. Last, but not the least, turn to God in prayer asking for the gift of healing your father from that harmful addiction.


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