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April 23, 2022
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April 23, 2022
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There is only anger and pain in me

I have completed my 12th grade. I was in long distance relationship for 2 years. He was my classmate and when we were promoted to 9th grade he left the school. He texted me to ask for a reply regarding his love proposal to me. I accepted his proposal but after our 10th board exam results we broke up as he was interested in another girl in his neighbourhood. I was not able to forget him. I tried to stop crying for him because he didn’t even think of me. But I could not control my tears whenever I thought of my past with him. I tried to divert myself and thought my life would be better if I got into another relationship but I did not really love the person in my second relationship. I’m always numb to all that is happening around me. And the things that have grown in me are only anger and pain.

Dear, you are stuck in the memory of a classmate with whom you were in a long distance relationship that broke up because he was interested in another girl. He has forgotten you and is carrying on with his life. On the contrary you are not able to forget him and are not able to control your tears, and are “always numb to all that is happening around” you; what is growing inside you is only “anger and pain”. You have started another relationship but did not really love the person. It is painful to think that you are wasting the beautiful teenage life God has given you. There are more important things you have to care about at this time of your life rather than a dead relationship: don’t you love your family and good friends, your education and plans for the future?

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