October 13, 2018
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October 13, 2018
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I am student of class XI, studying English, economics, maths, psychological, geography and computers. Earlier, I had opted for the sciences but since I was weak in chemistry I changed my mind. I have come to know that if one has studied physics and maths at the +2 level, one could take the examination for entry to the Air Force Academy. So, if I take up physics as an additional subject instead of psychology, would it help? Can I do a BSc in physics after that? I am really keen to join the Indian Air Force or the Navy. My parents are very supportive and want me to join the defence forces. Will physics and maths help me become a pilot?

First things first. You could have continued in the science stream. If you are good in maths and physics, you could have managed to do fairly well in chemistry with some extra effort. The PCM combination would have enabled you to join a science-based course (barring life sciences) in a university of repute. Most universities demand PCM/PCB for their science courses. For BSc physics, you do need PCM.

As regards the qualifications for entry to the Indian Air Force, yes, you are right. For the graduate entry scheme to the flying branch of the Indian Air Force, only maths and physics are required at 10+2 level. Not only that, you could be a graduate in any stream.

While graduate males could be given permanent commission, graduate women are inducted only on short service commission. They cannot be fighter pilots – they can fly transport aircraft and helicopters.

Besides the flying wing, there are two other wings – technical branch and ground duty branches. Technical branches recruit engineering graduates. But you can again apply for the administrative functions, as for most functions (barring accounts, for which a is required), a degree in any stream is accepted.


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