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July 8, 2020
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July 8, 2020
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Some of my classmates teased me

I am in Class X. I am passionate about Beatboxing. I recently performed on stage at school. Many of my friends congratulated me, but some of my classmates teased me by asking if I were spitting on the mike because I did a sound routine called BMG snare. I understand they didn’t mean it, but sometimes it hurts me. How should I handle this?

Congratulations on your skill. Everybody has a unique skill and it is good to improve it. It does hurt when you talent is not recognized, but sometimes, not everyone would understand one’s unique talent. It is natural to get upset and feel bad when you are teased, but do not worry about it; you must try to become resilient. Do not give up. Obstacles can be overcome as long as you have the perseverance to achieve something in life. Do not get dejected by negative comments and criticisms. Stay motivated and appreciate yourself for your talent. Look at those who support you. Stay calm and confident and continue your journey. Your talent will be well recognized by those who understand your value.


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