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October 25, 2018
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I am a student of class IX. My problem is shyness. I am not able to give an answer even if I know it. I also suffer from stage fright. I am not bold and courageous. My father insists that I participate in competitions. I feel that I will not be able to speak on the stage. Please help me. I feel miserable that I will not succeed in life if I do not overcome my shyness.

Since you are aware that you are shy and have stage fright, you should also understand that this shyness would disappear if you have confidence in yourself. The fear that may fail when you are on the stage makes you afraid of the stage. Similarly the fear that you may not come up to others’ expectations and the anxiety that others would think negatively of you makes you shy. This can be overcome if you start thinking positively and take up such tasks, which you can complete successfully. If someone gives you work, complete it as well as you can and take pride in what you have achieved. Even complex tasks can be successfully accomplished if you spend time thinking how best you can complete it. Think of the different ways in which you can solve the problem and choose the best out of them. This way you will gain confidence in yourself and the fear of having to bear criticism will also disappear. You can thus overcome your shyness. In addition you can do breathing exercises for about three or four minutes just before you take up a task or just before going on stage for some programme.


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