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October 30, 2019
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October 30, 2019
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She’s ruining her image

My close friend is dating many boys at a time. She believes that having an affair is common. She says she’s not emotionally attached to any of her boyfriends. But in reality she’s over-possessive of each of them. She thinks she’s just being practical to have a short-term relationship with any guy while actually she is ruining her time and image in society. How do I bring my friend on the right track?

Your friend who “is dating many boys at a time” is playing with fire the fire of her own and those boys’ emotions. You are right in believing that “she is ruining her time and image in society”. Her reputation among her friends will get spoiled and, sooner or later, also her parents may come to know, with painful consequences. I appreciate your desire to bring your friend “on the right track” but no one can change someone who does not want to change. I suggest you could speak about this situation to a school counsellor (if available) or to a good teacher who could open a dialogue with her and give guidance.


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