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September 4, 2019
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September 14, 2019
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She loves someone else

I love a girl but she doesn’t love me. She loves someone else. But that boy has one more girlfriend in his life which this girl doesn’t know anything about. All of our friends tease us that we love each other. I think she loves me, but I have a problem. But my sister doesn’t like that girl. When I speak to her, my sister sometimes doesn’t talk to me and ignores me; she has a lot of negative attitude and sometimes gives me back answers. I love my sister very much. What should I do?

In your letter there are many negative situations: you love a girl “but she doesn’t love” you, “she loves someone else”, all your friends “tease us that we love each other”, your “sister doesn’t like that girl, when I speak to her, my sister sometimes doesn’t talk to you and ignores you”, you love your sister “very much” and do not know what to do. You cannot handle so many negative situations. At this moment of your life it is better for you to concentrate on your studies, family and good friends. A beautiful friendly relationship is better than a complicated and painful “love”.


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