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August 29, 2019
Both of us love each other a lot
August 29, 2019
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She is like a sister to me

I’ve a very good friend who’s just like a sister to me. She’s is the only one I can trust in this world. But I’ve many flaws in me and that creates a lot of problems between us. I recently met a boy, who was in my class some years ago, on a social networking site. We became friends and entered into a relationship; I didn’t tell her but she guessed it. And she felt really bad. We are good friends again but I can feel that the warmth is missing now. I really love and want my sister back. I can’t imagine myself without her because I am not close to anyone else, not even my family. Please help me out.

It is painful to read that you are “not close to anyone, not even your family” and that your friend is the only one you can trust in this world. Your parents brought you in this world, love you and take care of your education. They would be very upset if they come to know about that. Fix your priorities in life and do not run after dreams of “love” about which you have no experience.


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