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July 16, 2019
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July 16, 2019
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She is constantly behind me

There’s a girl in my class who seems to love me a lot. She is constantly behind me. But I don’t see her as anything more than a friend. I just cannot get her off my back, no matter what! She just won’t listen to me and I don’t know what to do! How do I make her understand that I only consider her as a friend?

Looks like you are getting an overdose of unwanted attention and you find it quite annoying.

‘m not sure what you’ve told her and how, but be firm and keep saying: I’m not interested in a relationship with you’. Repeat the same sentence each time like a ‘broken record’. It may take a bit of time, but it should sink in!

In addition, I’m sure you know her best friend/s. you can speak to her and ask her to make her friend understand that you are not interested in the relationship.

Be firm. Else, learn to ignore her; it is just a matter of time before she gets bored!


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