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June 28, 2019
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Our relationship was more special when we were friends

I am currently in a relationship with a boy. I’m confused because I found our relationship more special when we were friends than now. I think of breaking up with him but he really likes me and I do not want to hurt his feelings. Please help.

Your certainly do care for this boy, but perhaps your heart has spoken the truth to you? All friendships do not necessarily change into romantic relationships.

Reflect on what was ‘special’ in the friendship before the relationship. This will help you to be clear about how you want your friendship to be. Then pluck up courage; speak to him frankly and tell him you’d rather be his good friend than his girlfriend.

He may be upset, or he may even stop talking to you. But, you will have done what is right. And, ultimately, if he is mature enough, he will appreciate your honesty.


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