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October 8, 2018
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October 13, 2018
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My ward is taking her studies very casually. What should be done?


This is an age in which rebellion is common, especially against authoritative figures. Also try to understand the pressure your daughter must be facing, which might perhaps be ten times more than what you might be facing.

At this time, she needs your understanding, support and encouragement. When children don’t get encouragement they generally resort to rebellion. The best way to handle this problem is not to pressurize her to study all this time, depriving her of watching TV or talking on the phone with her friend. Do not keep a tab on her – whether she is studying or doing something else. Make the atmosphere at home as pleasant as you can, so that she also feel relaxed. Find out from her what are her problems with regard to her studies, coaching classes etc. Listen to her problems with an open mind, without criticizing her. Try to genuinely understand and solve her difficulties.

Remember she is also going through a lot of tension and needs a lot of understanding and support from you.


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