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My sister lacks interest in studies

My sister is 18 and is about to go to college. She was never good at studies, but somehow managed to pass Std X and has taken Arts in junior college. She has very low self-esteem and is always dissatisfied with what she has. Due to this she lacks the interest to study. She is lazy and highly distracted. Recently she got a new phone with high speed internet. After that she was always glued to the phone. She has to give her CET exam in a month. And she was not studying. So Mom took her phone away; now she is not talking to anyone in the house including me. We try to talk to her about it but she just does not listen. We ask her what’s going to happen if she fails, but everything we say falls on deaf ears. She doesn’t like it when especially I talk, she thinks just because I’m younger I’m not supposed to. It’s like she know she’s destroying her own life, yet isn’t doing anything about it. I’m worried about her. I know how hard our parents work for us, and it pains me to see them always in stress and tension because of her. She is my sister and I love her. What should I do before it’s too late?

In the present painful situation of your family, where your elder sister lacks interest in studies, has “very low self-esteem” and “is not talking to anyone in the house” there is nothing you can personally do. Maybe your sister is more interested in a job oriented professional course rather than in college studies; for example joining a school of nursing or a tailoring or beautician training. I wish for a quick solution to this painful situation for you and your family.


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