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June 26, 2020
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June 30, 2020
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My problem is that my parents fight quite frequently

I am in Class X. My problem is that my parents fight quite frequently. I fear these fights are going to affect my Board examinations. Please help me.

For every student, a calm and comfortable environment to face examinations, especially the Boards, is important. Although the reasons for the fights and disturbances in your family are not clear, at this juncture it is necessary for you to stay focussed and do your best. It is not easy to manage your emotions when there is so much of disturbance. If you have not communicated your feelings to your parents, have an open conversation with them. Do not get involved in their conflicts but inform them that you are getting disturbed. Be clear on your goals. Visualise yourself doing well in your examinations and see how you feel. This will motivate you to prepare well. Do not study in a place with any disturbance. Choose a place and time to study better. Do your best and do not give up.


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