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January 16, 2020
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January 24, 2020
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My parents want me to pursue MBBS but I want to take up Arts or Humanities

I’m in Class X. My parents want me to pursue MBBS but I want to take up Arts or Humanities. I want to do a course in Journalism and write for reputed automotive magazines. I’m trying to convince my parents who insist they know what is best for me and that I might later regret not taking up MBBS. Please help me.

It could be a challenge to convince your parents when they have an opinion different from yours on the subjects you must choose in Class XI. Before you decide on the stream, you must analyse your interests. Career choices are based on an individual’s interest, skills, aptitude and personality. Of course, family values and financial background also play an important role. Discuss with your parents the pros and cons of both the careers. Every field has its own advantages and disadvantages. Weigh them in and make a decision that suits you best. Talk to your parents to understand what their concerns about the other streams are. You will be able to enjoy your learning and education only if that field interests you. Your skills as expressed by you will perhaps help you in the field of humanities. You could meet a career counsellor with you parents and get more clarity on the stream you will choose.


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