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July 16, 2019
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July 16, 2019
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My parents think that I am useless

I try my best to perform well in my exams but my parents think that I am useless and can’t do anything. I am not a dumb student. I have secured 78% in my exams. Due to my board class, my parents are not bringing my grandparents to our home but they really want to bring them and I also want that. So now there is more pressure on me. If I am unable to score more than 90% in my exams then it will create a huge problem and my family members will blame my parents only because in my city there is good medical facility comparing to other cities. Please help me. I am under a lot of pressure.

You have secured 78% in your exams; therefore you are not a “dumb student”. Your parents seem to have very big expectations about your future and are not satisfied; they expect more from you. Explain this situation to one of your teachers and ask your parents to talk to him or her, so that they can help them to appreciate your performance and have a more encouraging attitude towards you. Appreciation from the family will give you strength and will inspire you to give your best.


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