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September 23, 2020
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September 23, 2020
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My parents are scolding me since I’m not doing well in studies

I am in Class VIII, and I love to study. My IQ is good, but these days I find subjects hand. My parents are scolding me since I’m not doing well in studies. I want to increase my percentage and my study hours from two to six every day, as it can help me ace the Boards and also improve my self-confidence. Please help me.

I appreciate your interest in studying. It’s good that you want to improve. It is not the number of hours you spend studying that matters but the quality of time spent. The way you study and how you are able to produce what you’ve learnt during examinations are very important to get good marks. Here are a few strategies for you:

  • Follow a schedule: Plan you study so that you are clear on what you must complete. This schedule has to be followed regularly. Study every day.
  • Stop procrastination: Do not postage studying. When you accumulate work, you might become anxious and will not be able to study well.
  • Choose the right place to study: It must have no distractions. A well-lit and ventilated study place is equally important.
  • Avoid distractions: More away from television, mobile phones, games etc. during study time.
  • Take short breaks: A break every 45 min or one hour of study is good. When you study for a long time, you mind will lose attention and focus. Your mind also needs a break to refresh.
  • Regular physical exercise: This is very important to keep you mind and body alert.
  • Learning style:  Discover your dominant style of learning. Some of us are visual learners, some, auditory learners, and some, kinesthetic learners –learning through experiments and activities. Each one has a style, and if you can identify your style, you will learn better. We may have a combination of all these styles, but the dominant style helps us learn better.
  • Stay healthy: A proper and balanced diet is very important, especially in your growing years.
  • Stay motivated: As you move to higher classes, the work load will work load will increase. The motivation to do well and consistent hardwork will help you do better.


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