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October 24, 2018
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My mother is too religious. She has started imposing her faith on us, too. What should I do?


My mother is too religious. Her religiosity is only increasing by the day. It’s fine as long as she does not impose it on others. But lately she has started imposing her faith on us, too. I don’t want to hurt her religious feelings but end up saying something against her finicky ways about pooja-paath. This makes her furious and she says that I will suffer for the bad words I say about religion. I do not know how to make her see reason. Can you?

Religiosity is something which is deeply set within a person, and in some cases it borders on fanaticism. One method, which usually works in such cases is not to attack the religiosity of your mother but to sway along with it to the extent possible without using any harsh words about religion.

Another way is not to do all those religious rituals if you don’t believe in them. You can be away from home so that you avoid saying anything bad. The third way to handle this problem is to frankly tell your feelings to your mother in an affectionate manner so that you are not against anything religious. But everything has to be done within a limit.

Find out objectively and factually what your mother expects. See if it can be managed without making you feel uncomfortable. Analyse why you don’t to do what she wants you to do. Is it because it is time-consuming or is there any other reason for it. Find out if you can put your views across to her without making her upset.

If you do things in a systematic manner, I am sure your mother will not impose anything on you. Have faith in yourself and in your mother and look at things factually, objectively and not emotionally.


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