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November 26, 2019
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November 29, 2019
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My mom is very understanding, but my dad is dictatorial

My mom is very understanding, but my dad is dictatorial. He just wants me to listen to whatever he says; it is never a two-way communication. I just have to accept what he says. He behaves the same way when my mother gets into the conversation and tries to argue for me. How can I make him understand that we have our own feelings and preferences?

During your teens, you develop your own identity, choices, views and opinions. Children have to be given the space to express their opinion. It helps them make decisions with the support of the elders. Parents have the responsibility to correct them when they are wrong and guide them. It is good that your mother is able to support you. You father may not be able to accept any difference in opinion. It is not good to argue with him. Rather, approach him when the atmosphere is calm. Tell him about your feelings and concerns in a gentle manner when he is ready to listen. Ask for his approval. The time you choose to when he is tired or busy. Parents’ intentions are good but many a time the way it is imposed on children is not acceptable. Try to understand his concerns. Mutual trust and respect are important. Seek the help of trusted adults who can help you. Be calm and do not become anxious. If you still need any help. Get professional help and meet a counsellor.


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