I’m in Class IX. I have used many techniques for effective studying but nothing seems to work for me. What methods should I use?
December 3, 2019
I aimed to score 90% and above, given my potential
December 3, 2019
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My examinations are approaching and I’m not able to focus on my studies

Our school has arranged for an educational tour to Malaysia, but my parents are not allowing me to go. I’ve tried my best to convince them in vain. This tour is the topic of discussion at school, and I feel left out. My examinations are approaching and I’m not able to focus on my studies. Most importantly, I’m in Class X, and it’s a crucial year for me. How can I cope with this situation? Please help.

It is very natural for you to be upset, given the situation. Parents have their concerns for not sending their children for such tours. And you may not be alone in this situation, a few of your classmates may not be going as well. Disappointments are a part of our lives, and we may not get all that we wish to get. You have to develop resilience to manage your emotions. As you have mentioned, you are in Class X, and it is important to focus on your studies. This disappointment should not affect your academics. You can always go for such tours later. Accept your parents’ concerns and take it in your stride. Focus on your goal and work towards it. When your mind is distracted by such events, think about your goal and how well you should prepare for it. You could write inspirational statements such as “I will do my best”, “I will avoid distractions”, “I am focused” etc on a few pieces of paper and stick them where you can see them frequently at home. When you look at them, you will get back to your long-term goal.


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