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My aim is to become an eye specialist

My aim is to become an eye specialist. What qualities do I need to develop and which courses should I take up after Std X to pursue a career as an eye specialist?

To become an eye specialist, first you need to have a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. After completing MBBS, go for 2 years PG diploma or 3 years M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) in Ophthalmology or M.S. (Master of Surgery).

The duration of MBBS is 52 of which the last one year is a period years of rotary internship. Four and half years are divided into three parts. The first one and half years are spent on pre-clinical subjects, i.e., anatomy, biochemistry and physiology. The next one and a half years are spent on studies of pharmacology, forensic medicine, pathology, bacteriology, microbiology, etc. After passing the pre-clinical subjects, the next one and half years are devoted to clinical work in hospital ward and departments, concurrently with training in the para medical subjects, i.e., surgery, medicine and gynaecology. One year of internship is devoted to complete practical training in above subjects.

There are medical colleges in every state while some are controlled by central or state governments, others are administered by private communities. Admissions are either through competitive entrance exams or on merit, i.e., marks obtained in the qualifying exam.

Some of the qualities required are: strong communication skills, high degree of motivation and self-discipline, strong desire to help the sick and injured, emotional stability and the capacity to make decisions in an emergency.


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