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Memory Retention

Can you provide us tips for higher retention of what we study for exams? Can a student remember what he/she learnt in November/ December, in the month of March? Is there a way by which he would not forget the formulae?

Definitely a person can remember in the month of March, what he or she learnt in Nov/Dec (that is three or four months earlier). It depends on how well one has understood the concept and the text.

To remember what one has learnt, the only way is to understand clearly what one has studied.

As for remembering a formula etc., apart from understanding the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of it , one must also do the following:

  • Learn the formula first. Look for some cue numbers, signs or words that you can easily associate it with.
  • Then try to recall it without seeing the text.
  • Check for any errors in recalling. Try to correct the errors and once again recall the formula.
  • Write the formula without seeing the text, after a gap.
  • Repeat this exercise again and again.
  • Thus, whatever you have memorized will remain intact in your memory.

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