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June 28, 2019
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July 1, 2019
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Media & Mass Communication

What is Media & Mass Communication? What are the career opportunities in the film and advertisement industry? What is the possibility of taking an MBA in Communication Management after this degree?

The term Mass Communication refers to the process of delivering and transferring of messages and news to a large group of people using different forms of media like newspapers, radio, internet and television. Many institutes offer a 3-year-Bachelor’s and 2-year—Master’s degree programme in Mass Communication. It is also known by various names like Communication Studies, Media Studies, Communication Science, Communication Arts and Media Science, Communication Arts and Media Science. For an MBA in any specialization, you require a Bachelor’s degree in any field.

Career opportunities in any field depend on your capability and the courses you’ve done. For a qualified person in a specific field, the scope may be very good, but the same field will not offer the same opportunity to an unqualified person. So try to focus on your capability, aptitude and interest and go for the courses, and hence career, which is suitable to you. Don’t opt for a career just because someone says that it has good opportunities.


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