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April 23, 2022
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April 23, 2022
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It suffocates me that he is so clingy

I recently changed schools. I used to like a boy from my previous school until last year, after which I realized that it was a hopeless crush and moved on. I’ve been in contact with all my old friends, including him, through Facebook, where after many chats he confessed that he liked me a lot and we entered into a relationship. It was wonderful in the beginning, but then I learned that he is jealous of me and everything I did. He is intensely jealous of the boys I talk to at my new school. It suffocates me that he is so clingy. He is one of the few good friends I have, and I’m afraid that breaking up with him might spoil our friendship.

Dear, you were right in judging your relationship with that boy as just “a hopeless crush”. Unfortunately, your many chats with him on Facebook made you enter a relationship with him. Now you have realized his true colours: he is jealous of you and everything you do, is arrogant and rude and seems to like you more for your physical qualities than for your intelligence. Your decision to break up with him is the right thing to do. Do not allow him to dominate your life and suffocate you. A person who behaves like that cannot be considered “one of the few good friends” you have. Stop wasting your time with him.

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