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May 23, 2020
I am easily distracted by television and mobile phones
May 23, 2020
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I’m unable to stop feeling sad

I am in Class XI. I have many issues. I hate my life, many times I’ve thought of suicide but don’t act on it because I think of my mother. I don’t have a friend to share my problems with. For many, their father is a hero but not for me. Nowadays, we both fight a lot. Till when I was in Class VIII I performed well in academics but now I’m unable to do that, especially in Physics and Chemistry. I scored low marks in Class X but I want to do well in Class XII and make my mother proud. Though I surround myself with positive things, I’m unable to stop feeling sad. Please help me.

To be burdened with issues and suicidal thoughts at this age is tough. Your mother is your strength and your relationship with your father is not desirable. The reasons for your suicidal tendencies are not clear. But you have to take steps to handle these issues. Your emotional issues will affect your academic performance. All of us go through different kinds of problems at different stages of our lives. We should not give up. Consult a therapist to overcome your problems and live better. You are very young and have to achieve a lot in life. I appreciate your interests to do well in Class XII and make your mother proud. Take necessary steps to identify the difficulties in subjects such as Physics and Chemistry, get extra coaching to manage your studies.


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