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I’m plump and it makes me feel odd among friends who are all fit

I’m in Class X. I have high aspirations for my Board examinations. But I have a problem – I’m plump and it makes me feel odd among friends who are all fit. I want to lose weight, and I have taken many steps for it. I have also started cycling long distances. But it makes me tired, and I sleep early at night, which eats into my study hours. What do I do? Please help.

It’s good to take care of your physical well-being. It is not healthy reduce weight in just a few days. A healthy strategy must be planned to help you out. Of course, it is natural to feel odd among friends. I appreciate your interest and steps taken to change. You are in Class X and you must focus on your fast-approaching Board examinations. Any drastic change in your routine will affect your health. Before any steps are initiated to reduce weight, consult a physician to check for medical conditions and take proper interventions. Exercise and proper diet too are essential. A proper fitness specialist and a nutritionist will be able to guide you. But, you could do these after your Boards. Meanwhile, avoid unhealthy and sugary foods, and increase the intake of proteins and greens to help you stay fresh and active. Drink lots of water and eat almonds and walnuts regularly. Prioritise your goals – your examinations are a priority now. Love your body and do not give up. Don’t make harsh statements about yourself and your body. Healthy eating, proper sleep and exercise are important now. Practise breathing exercises too. Yoga can help you keep your body fit. Cycling is a good exercise but do not overdo it that you get exhausted. Start small and be consistent.


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