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I’m not able to decide my career

I am appearing for Class 12 exams, this year. But I’m not able to decide my career. I am disturbed. I don’t know which field I should go for. I have many hobbies – singing, dancing, acting, public speaking, reading, philanthropy. Sometimes I concentrate on singing, then somebody takes me for dance class and I forget singing and start concentrating on dance. The same thing happens with other hobbies, too. I am not able to decide what I like most.

I can see that you are feeling very confused and are unable to decide your path in life. Your focus seems to be on your hobbies. Hobbies are interests that we usually turn to for relaxation, and not as a career, unless you want to. To help you choose a career, find yours:

Interest and Passion: From all the things that you’re interested in, which are you passionate about? Make a list of the things that you love.

Talent and Aptitude: Then, find whether you’re talented at it or good at it…or whether you show the aptitude or potential for it. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 for each of the things on your list.

Personality: Does your personality match the career you have chosen? For example if you want to do Marketing, are you willing to go out and meet people? Or do you prefer to be behind a desk?

Research: Take the top three things that you love and that you are fairly good at them. Speak to people who work in the field, seek holiday internships, get as close to the field as possible. Search for courses available, the duration and cost.

Income: Find out how much you can earn from this field.

Skills: Now, choose the one on the top of your list and enroll for the course. Study and work experience will help you develop your talent and build up the skills you need so that you are job ready.


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