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December 2, 2020
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I’m always feeling sleepy and hopeless

I am in Class X and I want to improve in my studies. My problem is that I sleep a lot; I’m always feeling sleepy and hopeless. As I am not as intelligent as other students, I need more time to study, but I can’t manage my ‘sleep’.

Looks like you find yourself slow and struggling with your studies due to excessive sleep, and you feel quite hopeless, too.

Excess sleepiness can be due to an underlying health condition: lack of certain vitamins in your diet; lack of exercise leading to lethargy; not getting enough sleep at night, and so on. These could also lead you to a low mood. Visit your family doctor at the earliest to find out the reason.

At the same time, make sure you get exercise – especially in the morning. Exercise boosts brain power and also helps you to feel good about yourself. If you feel sleepy only when studying it could be due to your lack of interest in studies, not understanding what you learn, or not using the right methods to study.

Most importantly, if you feel hopeless most of the time, do connect with a counsellor in person, at the earliest. She or he will help and support you.


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