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July 15, 2019
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July 15, 2019
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I’ll not be able to live without him

I’m in Class 8. My problem is that I love a boy from another school but I feel he will not love me because the girl whom he truly loved hurt him a lot. He is a very good boy and as friends we share everything. Now I feel like I’ll not be able to live without him. But I’m frightened of my mom. Please help me to come out of these feelings and concentrate on my studies.

You are struggling with your feelings for this boy who has had his heart broken by someone else. You are also afraid of your mother’s reaction to your feelings. At your age, it’s normal to feel very intensely about someone special. These feelings may either pass, or may get deeper as time goes by. Right now, a good thing would be to make friends in your own class and school.

You are soon going to be in Class 9, which is the first step to your future and your career. So, set a timetable, find a study-buddy and set some study goals (such as ‘I will clear my doubts after each chapter’, ‘I will increase my marks by 19 in the next exam’).

Also ensure that you exercise daily or participate in sports, and in other school activities. Develop any hobby or special talent you may have. Make sure you get into a routine, which balances study and relaxation. If you do this, I’m quite sure you – and your mum – will be quite happy!


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