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I would love to specialize in gynaecology

I’m 16 years old and confused about what I should take up after Std XII. I would love to specialize in gynaecology. What are the requirements/qualifications to become a gynaecologist? Is it possible to write an entrance exam without going for coaching? F so, how can I prepare by myself for the exam?

OB/GYN specialists are doctors who focus solely on women. This field is particularly appealing because it allows you to maintain an interest in both medicine and surgery. You can develop expertise in the most sophisticated, technically demanding procedures if you choose.

You need many years of education to become an OB/GYN specialist. First, clear 10+2 examination with Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Then appear in a competitive exam to get admission into M.B.B.S. (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). This is a five and a half-year course which includes a one-year internship period as well. After that you can go for M.D. in Gynaecology.

It is certainly not necessary to go for coaching classes. These just guide you, but it is you who have to work hard. First get your concepts clear, understand all the topics of XI and XII NCERT. Do the last five years entrance test papers to get a full insight into the pattern of the papers. Normally, in these exams, the emphasis is on conceptual questions. So, you should practice for questions based on diagrams given in NCERT text and concepts. Be confident and prepare well. Wish you all the best.


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