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June 26, 2020
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June 26, 2020
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I want to spend my time studying and having fun with my friends

I’m in Class X and I’m the school captain. I am fun-loving person. But after becoming the school captain, I have not been able to have fun with my friends. Since I must ensure that students follow rules, my friends have begun telling me I’ve changed. I want to spend my time studying and having fun with my friends. Please help me come out of this problem.

 It’s a challenge to balance fun and responsibility. It is a learning process and very essential as you grow up to become a leader. We play different roles at different phases of our lives. Everyone has their individuality and we need not give up on our self to fit the role. We have to learn to make the shift. It will be a challenge initially but when you are able to make the shift, you will be able to manage it without much difficulty. It is not necessary to compromise on the time you have with your friends. At the same time, you also seem to have the capability to be the school captain. Be clear on your roles. Do not confuse your duties with your fun time. Cordial communication can help you manage the role and also focus on your studies. There is a time for everything and take a positive approach to deal with it. When there are additional responsibilities, you must manage your time effectively. Prioritise your work and avoid procrastination.


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