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I want to pursue a career in the nutrition field

I’m in Std XI with PCMB. I want to pursue a career in the nutrition field e.g., to become a clinical dietician. What other options do I have to be a dietician? What is the scope of this field in India and the pay package? Also the available colleges in Maharashtra for this field and how should I go about the studies?

The basic educational requirement for dieticians is a B.Sc. in Home Science or Home economics followed by a diploma in Dietetics or M.Sc. (Home Science) with specialization in Food & Nutrition. Some good colleges are S.N.D.T College of Home Science, Pune; Lady Irwin College, Delhi University; Institute of Home economics, New Delhi.

Dieticians and nutritionists are in demand in hospitals, nursing homes and government health department, hotels, cruise lines, etc. Several sports organizations, companies and factories hire these professionals to design a healthy menu for their cafeterias. Spas and clinics hire dieticians to design healthy, low-calorie monthly food charts for their customers. A fresher may draw anywhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 in a standard hospital or nursing home of repute. When combined with a degree in hotel management, the salary levels could be between Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000.


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