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I want to excel in academics, sports, arts, dance and music

I’m in Class IX. I want to excel in academics, sports, arts, dance and music. But nowadays, I don’t seem to have the time even for revising concepts. How can I realise my dream?

Appreciate your interest in both studies and extra-curricular activities. You are multi-talented, and in order to excel in all these areas, time management is essential. At the same time, you must also enjoy your adolescence without much pressure. Also, it is important to understand one’s own limitation. Fix goals that are realistic and achievable. Take a minute to understand how many of these activities you can be a part of. Prioritize. Do whatever is satisfying to you. Introspect why you do not have time. Are you getting exhausted? Spend quality time on the work you do. Appreciate yourself when you complete your work. Self-motivation is very important to accomplish anything in life. Avoid distractions. The time spent travelling to school or any other class. If possible, take a short nap to recharge yourself. Do not compromise on your sleep and diet. It is very essential and important to have energy. If you follow a proper strategy and introspect on your activities, you can be effective and do your best.


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