I wish to earn an honours degree in economics and follow it up with an MBA so that I can find a job in a foreign bank.
November 10, 2018
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November 12, 2018
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I want to become an educational consultant. What are the qualifications required for the same? What does the job involve?

As an educational consultant you could have a tie-up with a number of foreign universities and represent those universities here. In this case you will be the interface between a given university and the students, and will have to guide them about the application procedure, fees, visa requirements, etc. To be a representative of a foreign university, more than a degree your exposure to the field of education is assessed.

The other option is that of setting up a career counselling unit for students, and guide them about different career options within and outside India, and inform them about scholarships. A career counsellor should ideally be a bachelor of psychology, and should have done a PG course in career counselling.


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