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I want to be a chef and then start my own business

I am a Std XII Arts student. I want to be a chef and then start my own business. I mostly want to specialize in breads and cakes. What can I do o achieve my goal? Also if some courses can be suggested it would be of great help.

Due to an unprecedented growth in the culinary industry, there is an increase in the demand for professional chefs. But it requires years of work experience, dedication, hard work and discipline in order to get far in this competitive industry.

Before starting your business, you should have proper education which should include management and accounting courses also. If you want to be a hardcore baker, equip yourself with internships and apprenticeships by working with the best in your chosen field. Food trucks, cafes, bistros, taco stands, ice cream carts, chocolate shops, and pizzerias are all creative ways to market your food dreams.

A variety of diploma courses are available in this field. Some of these are: Diploma in Food & Beverage Service, Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery, Diploma in Kitchen Management. I suggest you go for a 4-year Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) degree, for which qualification is 10+2 in any stream. While pursuing this course, you will also learn about the other related fields such as housekeeping and general management. Later you can specialize in Food & Beverage.


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