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July 18, 2019
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August 2, 2019
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I want her to fall in love with me

I am a class X student. I have fallen in love with a girl in my class. I did everything to get her. She says she thinks of me as her best friend. The problem is she loves a guy from another school. I have made her my priority, but i am her second option. What should I do? I want to be with her every time, everywhere. I want her to fall in love with me. Please help me out.

You are deeply infatuated with that girl and are emotionally upset. You have made her your “priority” and do not accept the fact that she loves a guy from another school and she thinks of you only “as her best friend”. True love cannot be forced on anyone; it is built on the freedom of two persons to enter into such relationships. Learn to respect her feelings and stop pretending that she should “fall in love” with you. Be a good friend to her and give her time to make up her mind about who should be her partner in life. In future, if you are good to her she may appreciate you and decide to choose you.


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