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August 29, 2019
I think he likes me
August 29, 2019
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I think about him all the time

I am 16 years old. A few months ago I met a boy on Facebook who is 6 months older than me. We became really good friends and gradually began talking on the phone. I started liking him and he knows about it. But in the past few days he started ignoring me and I felt really bad about it. Now that he has his exams we hardly talk on the phone. I am finding it really difficult to concentrate on my studies as I keep thinking about him all the time. I don’t know if this is infatuation or just so-called hormonal changes. Please help me out so that my studies don’t get affected by this.

What you are feeling for that boy whom you met on Facebook and with whom you had a few talk on the phone is clearly an example of infatuation. You would like to have his full attention and “keep thinking about him all the time”. If he ignores you for a few days you feel “really bad about it” and find it very difficult to concentrate on your studies. At your age the confusion of infatuation with true love is quite common. Infatuation is an exciting experience but can be quite troublesome, because it makes people totally depressed if rejected by the one they feel in love with. It also makes people ineffective as other activities are suspended and only daydreaming about the loved one matters. Stop daydreaming and turn your mind and heart to your loving family, your duties as a student, your beautiful friendships with people of your age. Last, but not the least, turn your heart and mind to God who loves you and gave you life.


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