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September 4, 2019
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September 4, 2019
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I think about him all the time

I loved a boy who was once my senior; he is three years older than me. I told him of my feelings; time passed and he started treating me like his girlfriend – fighting with me like a boyfriend, telling me he loved me and singing romantic songs to me. But one day he said that he doesn’t love me and that he already had a girlfriend who was my friend. I was completely broken but I didn’t say a word. I wanted him to be with me as I can’t end my feelings for him but he was not even ready for that. After that I had many relationships but I just couldn’t accept anyone as he was my one and only. I think about him all the time although two years have passed. I just want him back. My friends have suggested that I move on with someone who loves me. I know it was not infatuation but rather a true one-sided love. Should I forget him or should I hate him and move on with another guy? He cheated me but I still love him.

You want back at any cost a boy who plainly confessed “that he doesn’t love you” and that “he already had a girlfriend”. This made you feel “completely broken” but did not stop you from feeling that he is your “one and only” and so you “think about him all the time”. Love should be felt from both sides but you are making it a one-sided affair: “I just want him back”. Love cannot be imposed on anyone. He has made his choice and there is nothing you can do about it. Your friends are right when they tell you to “move on with someone who loves you”. Hating him will serve no purpose; it will only embitter and upset you. In due time you will find someone open to a real love relationship with you.


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