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October 15, 2020
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October 31, 2020
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I suffered from depression

I am a student of Class XII and my life is in mess. I used to be an above-average student, but now my standard is much lower than before. When I passed Class X, I took up science, but when I realised that I could not handle the pressure, it was already too late. As a result, I failed miserably. That whole year I suffered from depression. I could not talk to anybody, not even my parents. Whenever I tried talking to them, they were like “you are such a young boy, how could you have depression?” Mental health is taboo to the. Moreover, I was molested when I was a child, and somehow, I used to have these terrible guilt pangs that it was all my fault (which obviously didn’t help in improving the situation). But I was able to drag myself out of it and move ahead. But the Covid situation has ruined it once again. Please help.

Stigma over mental health is something we need to work on. Don’t blame yourself or feel guilty about things you cannot control. The fact that you helped yourself before demonstrates your resilience. Reflecting on how you helped yourself the last time would be very useful. This will help you understand what worked last time and use those lessons once again. I would also suggest that you contact a mental health helpline for further guidelines.


Credit : The Times of India

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