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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020
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I strive hard to excel in all the competitive examinations

I’m a student of Class X. I want to impress one person in particular. I strive hard to excel in all the competitive examinations. But I’m not able to top even my class. Even though I try very hard and also know how to solve the problems, I get tensed easily during the examinations. And I’m not able complete them in the allotted time. What can I do?

Appreciate your hardwork and interest to perform well in your examinations. When you think of impressing someone, a lot of anxiety develops and this could create unnecessary tension during examinations. Remember to fix goals to satisfy your needs and not others’.

Here are a few tips to reduce your anxiety during examinations.

  • Plan your study: Effective planning is very important to do so well in examinations. Regular study with proper breaks will help reduce last-minute preparation and resultant anxiety.
  • Diet, exercise and sleep: A balanced diet along with any physical activity to keep your mind and body fit are much needed. At least six hours of sound sleep too is necessary.
  • Positive thoughts: Our mind and brain work the way we think. When you think positively, it will also help you be more rational. When unwanted thoughts pop up, simply break the cycle and direct your mind to focus on what you must be doing.
  • During examinations: Be relaxed. Do not panic about the results. Start writing the examination calmly. A few seconds of deep breathing will help you stay focused. When you are struggling with an answer, do not panic. A few seconds of break will help you recharge your mind. Instead of wasting time on the answer you do not know, move on to the ones you know. All the best!


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