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I never had a friend who’s a guy

A few months ago, I developed a crush on a boy in my neighborhood, but never disclosed my feelings about him to anyone. We both knew each other, but never talked, and this used to make me sad, but I could never gather the courage to go up to him and talk to him. Recently, another neighbour of mine, a girl, told me that she thought that, that guy had a crush on me. I refused to trust her, but later I noticed his change of attitude towards me. One day, he just came up to me and talked to me. His friends told me that they felt that he liked me. Eventually, I realized that he liked me too. Now we meet regularly and even sit together when we meet. This sudden change is proving awkward to me, as I’ve never had a friend who’s guy before. Should I accept the fact that he wants to be a friend? Should I tell him that I like him or should I wait for him to say it first? And finally, can you help me get the guts to talk to him freely; as I mentioned before, he’s my crush and I get butterflies when I see him.

Having a crush on a boy is not the same thing as wanting to be a friend with him. A crush is an emotional and physical attraction towards a person of the opposite sex which sometimes can lead to wrong expressions. Friendship is a pure and free relationship which can help the growth of each other. Friendship need not to be told (“should I tell him that I like him?”) because it is felt by the care and affection involved. It is commonly said that the one who finds a good friend finds a treasure. This is true, because a good friendship can last a lifetime and be of great help. Overcome the “crush” experience and enter into the experience of love and affection of friendship.


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